Не включается Philips HR 7775/00, проблема в плате управления, ремонт кухонных комбайнов.

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Комбайн Philips HR 7775/00 с мощностью 1000 Вт. После скачка напряжения в сети погорели детали на плате управления и питания. Чтобы стал возможным ремонт кухонных комбайнов заказали и поменяли AC-DC конвертер VIPer12a(8-DIP), 1N4007, L-12mkg, VIPer 22a, выполнили профилактику. Цена 380 грн.


Ashish Solanki
I have Philips HR7775 Food Processor. It comes with UK plug and i m live in India so I used Convertor for it. When I start it first time there was some short circuit cracking sound came from main unit and it doesnt power up. After searching the web I replaced Viper12A, IN4007, L2 Inductor, ZNR Veristor but still it doesn't power up. Please help me to repair this unit.
Сервисный центр
Can burn and other details, you need to test them, to find outside and solder a new one.
Ashish Solanki
Hi Sir. Can you solve the problem of my Philips HR7775/00 Food Processor which not powered on. I don't have its schematic so not able to trace the fault. Please guide me to solve the issue.
Сервисный центр
Hello Ashish Solyanka, unfortunately we can not help you so much. Give your food processor to the nearest service center.

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